Benefits of Full Membership

  • Discounted fees for our events
  • Ability to post to our discussion forums
  • Access to pdfs of presentations at our events
  • Mutual support from colleagues, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through our discussion forums and attendance at our events
  • Training and advice in all aspects of Quality Management, including analytical quality (metrology, calibration and standardisation) by means of our workshops, seminars and symposia
  • Whatever else members decide they want from AQMLM!

Responsibilities of Membership

You should be professionally engaged in an aspect of quality management in laboratory medicine as a part of your role

  • Your application is accepted on the basis that the information you provide is correct
  • You promise to support the aims of AQMLM
  • You promise to act professionally and considerately at all times to colleague members
  • You promise to do nothing to bring AQMLM into disrepute

Membership Fees

The official membership year begins on 1st October and ends on 30th September of the following year.  Those joining after the start of the new subscription year will be required to pay the full fee for that year, irrespective of the date they join.

We guarantee that during any given membership year between 1st October and 30th September, the total full member discounts for our events will be at least the equivalent of their annual AQMLM subscription fees.

We include membership in non-members events fees, so that those who attend our events may enjoy the benefits of full membership for the remainder of the subscription year.

The membership fee is £25 per annum for individuals paying online. (We use PayPal as a payment vehicle but you do not need a PayPal account.)  The fee is £30 per annum for individuals or their organisations paying by cheque or electronic transfer.


To join AQMLM, you will first need to register an account using the form on this page.

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